Timex MK1 Steel Chronograph 42mm Watch Review

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This reference TW2R96500 is one of the newer versions of the existing Timex MK1 Steel Chronograph 42mm watch collection, and for the money it is an impressively styled and built timepiece. Easy to pass over, I want to take a look at this watch collection and suggest why I feel Timex is offering something not just for mainstream audiences, but for enthusiasts who want something simple, satisfying, functional, and entirely unpretentious.

Myself and perhaps most watch collectors typically go through a phase (long or short) in their collecting experience when they reject certain mainstream watch brands. The idea is that to become a collector, you need to seek out the most interesting and best watches of any particular class that you are keen to collect.

Timex has been around since 1864, and as one of the major American wristwatch makers was not only making timepieces for civilian use, but military use as well. In that sense this modern MK1 Chronograph is a fashion piece, in that it homages a vintage-style look.

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